Workplace safety: Protect against terrorism & active assailant threats

Threats to your workforce are on the rise, whether from active assailants, terrorism, or workplace violence, both on-site and in remote locations.

Join industry experts as they outline strategies to safeguard your organization and employees from modern-day risks.

Discover effective safety protocols and response strategies to enhance workplace security, including insights into risk intelligence, threat assessment, emergency preparedness, and leveraging technology to build a more resilient work environment.

This session will provide actionable steps to ensure the safety and well-being of your employees, protect your assets, mitigate contemporary threats, and prepare your organization for sustained growth.

Wednesday, August 7 | 11:00am - 12:00pm EST / 15.00 - 16.00 GMT

The speakers

Paul Liles, SVP and Director of Corporate Security, Truist Financial Corporation 

Paul is the Director of Corporate Security at Truist, boasting over 20 years of expertise in risk assessment and physical security. He previously managed security programs at SunTrust and held key roles at Fidelity Bank and Integrity Bank. Paul's core competencies include executive protection, project management, and emergency management. He has a strong background in developing and implementing security policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with technology standards.

Patrick Daly, Principal Deputy Director for the Secure Community Network (SCN)

Patrick is the Principal Deputy Director at Secure Community Network, overseeing strategic planning and coordination with federal law enforcement for the American Jewish Community. Previously, he served as Managing Director at Cardinal Point Strategies, handling high-value clients and complex projects. Patrick holds an MS in Criminal Justice-Intelligence and a BS in Criminal Justice from Saint Joseph's University. He authored the "Homeland Security Briefing Primer."

Pamela Larson, North America VP and Chief Security Officer, Everbridge

Pamela is the VP and Chief Security Officer for North America at Everbridge, specializing in physical security, complex investigations, and operational resilience. She previously led corporate security strategy at Twilio and enterprise incident management at Wells Fargo. Pamela holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in Criminal Justice. Certified in Fraud Examination and Financial Security Services, she excels in risk assessment, crisis management, and fostering a robust security culture.

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The Agenda

Take a peek at our agenda for this live event, and we hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 1 | 12-4:30pm CT

Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, IL




Welcome Remarks:

Teresa Anderson


Keynote: Resilience During COVID: From Fighting Crime to Protecting Employees

Chief Brendan Deenihan


Trends and Strategies for Managing Risks with a Hybrid Workforce

George Siegle




Panel Session: Operational Resilience in an Ever-Changing Risk Landscape

Teresa Anderson | George Siegle Chf. Brendan Deenihan | Thomas Henkey


Closing Remarks:

Teresa Anderson

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