Live Webinar: The state of physical security management across european metropolitan transport authorities

In June Everbridge published a research paper on the State of Physical Security for E European metropolitan transport authorities.

The integration and management of diverse security technologies presents clear challenges for mass transport systems, and we invite you to join a LIVE webinar where we will reveal the four key findings from our research commissioned by Everbridge in early 2024.

Video conference interviews took place with 18 public transportation authorities and operators (PTO's) across 16 cities.

The research aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of the adoption and utilization of modern security solutions for monitoring the physical environment of municipal public transport systems, including trains, trams, and buses.

Andy Hogg, Network Operations Manager at London Underground will join us to discuss the findings of the research and share how 'The Tube' is benefitting from an integrated approach to security operations whilst adapting to the rapidly changing technology environment. 

We will explain PSIM and the Everbridge Control Center solution, showing how they improve safety, security, and efficiency by offering a single, unified view of operations.

Attendees will receive the eBook summary of the research findings:


Thursday, June 27, 2024 | 11:00h CEST

The speakers

Kirsty Grant

Marketing Director | EVERBRIDGE

Robert Greaves

Sales Manager | EVERBRIDGE

Andy Hogg

Network Operations Manager | LONDON UNDERGROUND

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The Live webinar will be recorded

Thursday, June 27 | 11:00h-11:45h  CEST

Welcome & Introduction, Overview of the research study

Discussion on the key findings of the research 
  1. Transport network monitoring
  2. Security systems
  3. Security incident response
  4. Future plans
PSIM in Action
"London Underground - The journey to an advanced, integrated Control Room”
Andy Hogg, Security Operations Manager, London Underground

Closing Remarks

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