Does your existing active assailant plan adequately protect your people from harm and your company from liability?

Watch as Gerald "Jerry" Wilkins, Vice President at Active Risk Survival, Inc. discusses the changing liability landscape of active assailant incidents; followed by actual outcomes or recently filed litigation. He also provided an overview on how to mitigate the liability and injury or deaths associated with Active Assailant Event.

Learning Objectives

• Participants will receive information on recent warnings issued by sources like the Wall Street Journal, American Bar Association and Loss Prevention Foundation

• Upon completion of this session participants will have a better understanding of the Liability associated with Active Assailant events.

• Upon completion of this session participants will have information on where to find “Best Practice” documents that provide guidance on how to develop a Defensible and Implementable Active Assailant Plan.

The speakers

Valerie O'Connell, Research Director for Enterprise Management Associates

Valerie O’Connell leads the Digital Service Execution practice at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). Her practice encompasses intersections and innovations across AIOps, asset management, end-user experience, ITSM/ESM, and business context as they interact to deliver excellence in digital service.

Matt Frauenhoffer, Product Marketing Manager for xMatters

Matt Frauenhoffer is the Product Marketing Manager for xMatters, with over 15 years of IT and Software Development experience in various roles throughout his career. Outside of work, Matt is also a volunteer firefighter and EMT with his local community fire department. He enjoys helping people and organizations, no matter what challenges they might be facing, with a collaborative and blameless approach.

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The Agenda

Take a peek at our agenda for this live event, and we hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 1 | 12-4:30pm CT

Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, IL




Welcome Remarks:

Teresa Anderson


Keynote: Resilience During COVID: From Fighting Crime to Protecting Employees

Chief Brendan Deenihan


Trends and Strategies for Managing Risks with a Hybrid Workforce

George Siegle




Panel Session: Operational Resilience in an Ever-Changing Risk Landscape

Teresa Anderson | George Siegle Chf. Brendan Deenihan | Thomas Henkey


Closing Remarks:

Teresa Anderson

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