Evolving strategies for active shooter threat mitigation

In 2022, the FBI designated 50 shootings as active shooter incidents. While Organizations work to curb the rise of such incidents, just prevention measures are not enough. Proactive measures along with a robust response plan are needed to reduce the impact of potential incidents.

There has been an exponential increase in the number of technologically advanced solutions to speed emergency response, however, hand-on-training and a detailed emergency plan that provides a deep understanding of what needs to be done, are key to reducing the impact of a shooting incident.

Watch as our Chief Security Officer, Tracy Reinhold engages in a fireside chat with Chris Grollnek, Principal, Active Shooter Prevention Project, LLC.

The speakers

Tracy Reinhold, Chief Security Officer at Everbridge

As chief security officer at Everbridge, Tracy Reinhold advances the company’s enterprise-level security strategy and works with customers and partners to optimize their approach to managing and responding to critical events. Mr. Reinhold previously worked at Fannie Mae, where he was responsible for designing and managing the company’s enterprise resilience strategy. Prior to this he was vice-president of global investigations at Walmart, leading a team of investigators in the US, Asia, Africa, South America and the UK. As a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 22 years, Mr. Reinhold served as associate executive assistant director for national security and led the FBI’s intelligence division.

Chris Grollnek, nation's leading policy advisor for domestic terrorism prevention

Chris Grollnek is a highly respected professional in the field of Active Shooter Prevention, with over 33 years of experience in protective measures. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his time in the Marine Corps, Law Enforcement, and the Private Sector, where he has provided strategic advisory services to top executives in the country.

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The Agenda

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Wednesday, June 1 | 12-4:30pm CT

Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, IL




Welcome Remarks:

Teresa Anderson


Keynote: Resilience During COVID: From Fighting Crime to Protecting Employees

Chief Brendan Deenihan


Trends and Strategies for Managing Risks with a Hybrid Workforce

George Siegle




Panel Session: Operational Resilience in an Ever-Changing Risk Landscape

Teresa Anderson | George Siegle Chf. Brendan Deenihan | Thomas Henkey


Closing Remarks:

Teresa Anderson

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