Automation and AI: A strategy to Minimize Unplanned Work

Analyst firm EMA recently conducted a global research study titled “Automation, AI, and the Rise of ServiceOps. ServiceOps is an approach to IT management that cuts waste and cost, increases IT personnel productivity and efficiency, and improves IT service quality, as well as the experience of its users. This approach is directly tied to Everbridge Digital Operations and xMatters, as the tools build digital resilience and minimize the impact of IT service disruptions to reduce unplanned work. 
Join Valerie O’Connell, Research Director at EMA, alongside Everbridge experts as we explore the practical ways that organizations successfully use AI and automation to minimize unplanned work. 
In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • How to build a strategy around minimizing unplanned work 
  • The toll that unplanned work takes on organizations 
  • The benefits that AIOps implementations have on organizations   
  • And much more 

Watch the on-demand webinar today! 

Tuesday, June 13, 2023 | 2:00 PM ET

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The speakers

Valerie O'Connell

Valerie is a Research Director, covering excellence in Digital Services execution. Her practice area views ITSM (products, people, and processes) as a hub of business and service innovation. With deep roots in AIOps, asset, customer/end-user experience, and project/portfolio management, this area covers the range of powerful possibilities in the growing ITSM ecosystem. Recent research, such as “Automation, AI, and Analytics: Reinventing ITSM” and “The Enterprise Service Management (R)evolution”grounds this practice with practical insight for near-term decision-making.

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The Agenda

Take a peek at our agenda for this live event, and we hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 1 | 12-4:30pm CT

Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, IL




Welcome Remarks:

Teresa Anderson


Keynote: Resilience During COVID: From Fighting Crime to Protecting Employees

Chief Brendan Deenihan


Trends and Strategies for Managing Risks with a Hybrid Workforce

George Siegle




Panel Session: Operational Resilience in an Ever-Changing Risk Landscape

Teresa Anderson | George Siegle Chf. Brendan Deenihan | Thomas Henkey


Closing Remarks:

Teresa Anderson

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