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Organisations have a duty to keep people safe, protect assets, and ensure operational effectiveness. To fulfill this mission, enterprises need a system to detect and evaluate potential threats and a platform that will allow them to easily visualize, assess, and predict which events could hamper or severely threaten their most valuable assets and continuity of operations.

Watch now our CustomerBridge session hosted on the 12th of July. During this session, our Everbridge experts discussed how Everbridge's Risk Intelligence Monitoring Center (RIMC) combines thousands of trustworthy data sources with an experienced team of analysts, creating the industry’s leading source of verified data and hyper-local threat intelligence.

Topics include:

  • Risk Intelligence Monitoring Center (RIMC) teams (Real-time Intel, Global Insights, Tactical Resolution Team)
  • RIMC products and operational overview
  • The intelligence cycle, processing sources, and information vetting

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