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You need to continually improve your digital services. But that increased rate of change sometimes causes problems, and you need to respond quickly when it does. And problems don’t necessarily show up in office hours, or when you’re sitting in front of a computer. So it makes sense to automate incident response — not just to punt the problem to someone who can handle it, but automating a workflow for the remediation steps so that you know that incidents can be detected and resolved while you sleep, eat, have meetings or get on with the job of delivering outstanding customer experience.

Join Franz Kjartansson of Advania Ísland, who explains how his company is automating incident response and Paul Porter of Everbridge, who provides the SaaS that Advania uses to do it, as they talk to the Reg’s Tim Phillips about:

  • How process automation improves remediation, saves cost and time
  • Implementing automated communications, escalations and updates
  • How you can automate incident response for your operations teams

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