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The Omicron-fueled surge of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is continuing across North America. The U.S. has continued to set a myriad of new case and hospitalization records in the past few weeks, including reporting over one million cases in a single day earlier this
week. Canada has also set new case records; however, the rate of growth in Ontario and Quebec has slowed, suggesting Canada may be entering its peak of the current surge. There remains no sign that American states will implement any new state-wide restrictions, though localities continue to introduce vaccine mandates. Overwhelmed healthcare systems remain a problem in both countries as they deal with burned-out workers and a major influx in patients.

The Biden administration has announced that a new program that will require private insurers to cover up to eight at-home COVID-19 tests per month per person will begin on Saturday, January 15. In addition, the administration announced that at least one million tests will be made available for citizens to obtain via mail and ten million tests will be provided to schools per month beginning later in the month.

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