Rob Jahn, Sr. Technical Partner Manager & Prashant Darisi, GM and VP of CEM, Global Solutions group

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The advent of artificial intelligence (AI), primarily in the form of machine learning, has brought opportunities and challenges to the enterprise. IT departments in particular are grappling with new technologies and new models that are disrupting digital operations management. Industry analysts at Gartner have defined this trend with a new category: "artificial intelligence for IT operations," or AIOps.

AIOps combines big data and machine learning to automate IT operations processes, including event correlation, anomaly detection, and causality determination. It's hard to overstate the importance of this technology. In fact, Gartner has said, "There is no future of IT operations that does not include AIOps."

In this Tech Talk technology journalist John K. Waters talks about AIOps with Prashant Darisi, General Manager and Vice President of Customer Experience Management in the Global Solutions group at Everbridge, and Rob Jahn, Sr. Technical Partner Manager at Dynatrace.

Watch this Tech Talk to learn:

  • What AI is and how it's impacting enterprise IT
  • The benefits and challenges of a new, automated operations model
  • How to use AIOps techniques to gain efficiency and scale
  • How to embrace the disruption AIOps brings to IT operations

About the speakers

As a technology partner manager, Rob supports Dynatrace technical partnerships with leading cloud providers and DevSecOps solutions. Rob is very active with open-source projects and develops technical workshops, videos, industry presentations, and blogs. He is a passionate technology evangelist, helping companies get the best integrations and enablement for flawless and secure digital interactions with Dynatrace.

Prashant is a technology leader with proven management experience in strategic planning, roadmap execution, high-performance teams, and best-practice methodologies. Prior to his role as VP of CEM Business Solutions, he was Vice President of Product Management responsible for IT Alerting, IoT, Visual Command Center products, and Risk Intelligence products; that includes Everbridge solutions helping the United States Army Intelligence monitor risks around the world. Prashant has extensive experience in leading large engineering and product management teams and also has 2 patents in his name.

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