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From gaining visibility and agility through automation, to helping reduce the complexity of managing and responding effectively to unforeseen events, Critical Event Management solutions can help you and your team overcome environmental health & safety (EHS) challenges, ensure resilience, and save lives.

To help you discover the use cases and market landscape for CEM solutions, download the Verdantix report, Strategic Focus: Critical Event Management For Environmental Health and Safety And Risk Management. This complimentary report lays out the EHS challenges that CEM helps you overcome – offering third-party insights into EHS use cases from organizations including CDC, Sony Pictures, Zoom, and the state of West Virginia.

Read the full report, which includes:

  • Valuable techniques, examples, and best practices for overcoming EHS challenges and risk events
  • Understanding how your peers assess, locate, and act on critical events
  • Insights to achieve enhanced operational excellence for improved business continuity 

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