The Severe Weather Tabletop Exercise 2021 is a virtual event that will bring critical thinking under “near-real” conditions and provide insight and best practices from state and local peers around the country. Beginning with 3 prework independent activities leading up to the 2-hour instructor led live sessions, the tabletop covers three modules: preparedness, response, and recovery.

Exercise Objectives:
  • Discuss the capability to establish and maintain a unified and coordinated operational structure to include public/private partnerships. 
  • Demonstrate the lead organization’s capability to engage the whole community throughout the different mission areas of a severe weather event.  
  • Discuss the process for providing coordinated, prompt, reliable and actionable information to all stakeholders.  
  • Describe how decision makers will obtain a common operating picture to make critical decisions throughout response and recovery to include cascading effects while incorporating private partners in the community.   
  • Discuss the process for stabilizing critical infrastructure functions during a severe weather event and the coordination required to efficiently restore and revitalize systems and services back to the community. 

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Customer Tabletop
June 4, 2021
Severe Weather