Eric Maxwell, Solutions Architect at Everbridge

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As organizations plan for and assess the impact of IT incidents, one KPI that is often used is the Mean Time to Resolution / Repair or “MTTR” - the average time required to resolve a service issue. The lower the MTTR, the smaller the business impact an IT incident will have.

When it comes to incident management we are all trying to reduce MTTR or improve incident response quality. How do people, data, and time come together to help us maximize our incident response? Watch as we discuss this relationship and how we can improve our incident process by:

  • Notifying and bring together resources in a timely manner
  • Automatically involving and easily bring in the right people
  • Providing them the information and context they need

About the speaker

Eric is a Solution Architect with xMatters, an Everbridge company, focused on helping customers going through digital transformation connect isolated systems and automate processes and user touchpoints. Previous to xMatters he spent 8 years at a large hardware and solutions corporation going through digital transformation. During this time he held roles as a product manager as well as managing SREs and operations within a development organization implementing Agile and DevOps concepts. He worked on a range of projects building platforms and services to help customers improve their customer experience through digital operations and interaction. This included transformations of their platform from on-prem to cloud, converting to containers, and implementing microservices.

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