If You Don’t Know, You Can’t Respond

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Information is the lifeblood of emergency response. The response team needs to know what is happening, where, and when things change. Sometimes information is an overwhelming flood; sometimes it is an insufficient trickle. Organization structure, training, and technology all play a role in generating accurate, complete, and current situational awareness and a common operating picture.

Watch Situational Intelligence and Common Operating Picture: If You Don’t Know, You Can’t Respond  for a discussion on best-practice strategies for supplying information needs to your team:

  • Information requirements
  • How to gather information
  • How to contextualize information
  • How to share information

This is the first in our 2019 webinar series Critical Event Management for Public Safety. Each webinar will provide the latest strategic recommendations on a key area of emergency management. Future webinars will address Mapping and Data Management, Automation/Command and Control/ Operational Coordination, and Data Capture for After Action Reporting. CEM Wheel 2017.png



Bryan Koon
Former Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management

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