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Threat assessment, situational intelligence, and disaster planning are all designed to lead to actions, i.e. the activities of responders to save the day and residents to save themselves. Crisis teams must coordinate their response activities, teams and resources. Communications must be optimized and targeted. Activities must follow established response plans while at the same time adapting when situations on the ground change. When seconds are precious, wasted activity is just as bad or worse than no activity at all. 

Attend ACT: Bringing Resources to Bear During a Disaster for tips on:

  • Maintaining command and control
  • Improving response team collaboration
  • Utilizing incident templates
  • Sending clear, concise communication
This is the third in our 2019 webinar series Critical Event Management for Public Safety. Each webinar will provide the latest strategic recommendations on a key area of emergency management. Previous webinars addressed establishing common operating picture and utilizing location data, while a future webinar will address data capture for after action reporting. CEM Wheel 2017.png



Bryan Koon
Former Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management

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