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Your public notification and safety plans hinge on having a comprehensive and accurate database of residents. The larger the audience you can reach, the easier it is to keep people safe and justify budget allocations. However, public safety databases comprised of landline data and opt-ins reach 25% - 40% of the intended audience.

That’s why Everbridge is proud to announce Resident Connection, a new product providing verified mobile, landline and VoIP telephone records to use for emergency notifications. With the addition of Everbridge’s Resident Connection contact data public safety teams can improve their emergency notification reach up to 60+%.

View this webinar and learn:

  • How Everbridge obtains and renews the data
  • How this data can be seamlessly incorporated into your Everbridge instance
  • How to measure the impact Resident Connection can have on your city/county/ municipality

This webinar will feature success stories of Everbridge clients using Resident Connection data to improve their response to critical events, including severe weather emergencies.

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