Webinar Replay: 
Planning Response Needs for After an Active Shooter Incident

Speaker: Steven M. Crimando, BCETS, CHS-V, Behavioral Science Applications

We have talked quite a bit about emergency preparedness planning during an active shooter event. Now, watch the webinar replay to hear expert Steven M. Crimando, BCETS, CHS-V, talk about the emergency preparedness process after an active shooter incident. 

During this webinar, Steve covered: 
  • Common motivators for active shooters in healthcare settings
  • Planning along the event timeline
    • Immediately after the event
    • A few days after the event
    • Months after the event 
  • Family Reuninification Centers
  • Media Considerations
  • IT and Communication Disruption
  • Crime Scene Management
  • Behavioral Health Support
  • Business Continuity, including staffing

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