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According to the American Hospital Association, 95% of hospitals have active shooter policies in place. It is critically important to prepare for the entire life cycle of a shooting attack, including anticipating and planning for the post-shooting challenges.

To ensure your policies are robust enough to sustain a critical event, we invited Steven Crimando, MA, BCETS, CHS-V, to explore the complex details of a post-shooting plan, and gather best practices on how to address post-shooting challenges through pre-planning. He discusses:

  • Timeline planning, pre, during, and post
  • A breakdown of post event phases
  • Media management
  • Team members vital to effective implementation of an after-incident plan
Your community will remember how your hospital reacted to and recovered from a shooting incident. Be sure you are prepared by downloading this complimentary white paper now!

White Paper: Post-Shooting Consequence Management for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

Written by Steven M. Crimando, BCETS, CHS-V, Behavioral Science Applications 

crimando lighter.jpgSteven M. Crimando, MA, BCETS, CHS-V is an internationally known consultant and educator specialized in the application of the behavioral sciences in homeland and private security, violence prevention, crisis management, and disaster response.  He is a Certified Trauma Specialist (CTS), a Certified Police Instructor, and holds Level 5 Certification in Homeland Security (CHS-V).