Rural Healthcare Facilities and Emergency Preparedness

Jack Burke, MS, MBA, Boston University's HEM Program

There are roughly 2,300 rural hospitals in the U.S.; most of them are the only option for patients seeking care during an emergency.  Rural hospitals face unique challenges to serve their community during an emergency, this webinar, focuses on business continuity planning for rural hospitals during an emergency. 

The webinar covers best practices including:

  • The unique risks for rural healthcare facilities
  • Working with healthcare coalitions (HCCs) and the local community
  • Business continuity considerations
  • Preparing for patient surge during an emergency
  • When and how to trigger hospital evacuations
  • Communication considerations for rural healthcare facilities

We invite you to watch this informative webinar. 

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We are proud to introduce our speaker for this session, Jack Burke, MS, MBA.  Jack spent 44 years in healthcare management and retired from Harvard Pilgrim Health Care as its Vice President of Corporate Compliance Programs. He was responsible for assuring compliance with state and federal regulations, and enterprise risk management. He began his professional career at Harvard Pilgrim as a pharmacist and advanced into enterprise-wide roles. He has participated on various elements of the Nantucket Cottage Hospital’s governance structure since 2001, and is currently a Vice Chair of the Board. He chairs the Hospital’s Patient Care Assessment Committee and its Clinical Advisory Committee. 

Jack Burke, MS, MBA