Webinar Replay: Real-World Scheduling, Intakes, and Consults at a Texas Healthcare System

Speaker: Sherri Abendroth, DHR Health

We invite you to this webinar replay that covers how DHR Healthcare digitized real-time clinician communications throughout their hospital network to improve responses to code alerts, consult requests, and co-ordinate behavioral health. Sherri Abendroth, the Safety & Emergency Management Coordinator for DHR Health in Texas, saw the value and stability of the Everbridge platform and expanded its use into clinical communications throughout her healthcare system. 

The session covered:

  • Converting code alerts (Stroke, STEMI, etc..) to 100% digital notification with improved response times
  • Leveraging real-time communication and video consults to co-ordinate behavioral health intakes
  • Avoiding the pitfalls in physician adoption throughout the network through a targeted roll-out process
  • Managing physician on-call schedules and one-click consult requests.

DHR Health is in the process of rolling out Everbridge to all 892 clinicians throughout the hospital network. Sherri talked about the successes, but also some of the obstacles encountered along the way. This complimentary webinar discussed the mechanics of clinical comms with lots of takeaways for your facility. 

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