Webinar On-Demand: Art of the Drill

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Speaker: Dr. Steven B. Goldman, Ed.D.

Emergency preparedness drills are a core concept in emergency planning for hospitals and healthcare systems and are required annually under the CMS Emergency Preparedness Guidelines. Every hospital and healthcare system must be in compliance with the new regulations by November 2017 or they risk losing CMS funding.

To help ensure your drills are CMS-ready, we invited Dr. Goldman, to share his best strategies for a successful drill. He discussed: 

  • What the new CMS emergency preparedness drill guidelines mean for hospitals
  • How to get started
  • The Top Five points every successful drill must address
  • Resources needed for a successful drill
  • You have conducted a successful drill -- now what? 
Dr. Steven Goldman, Ed.D. is a Senior Lecturer at MIT's "Crisis Management & Business Continuity" professional education course. He has over 30 years' experience specializing in creating and conducting realistic drills and exercises. He has worked as a consultant on crisis management, business continuity, and crisis communications at Steve Goldman Associates for the past 13 years