Webinar Replay: GSOC Crisis Management Training Drills: The Best Way to Improve Performance

Security professionals write lots of procedures and plans but how do they know if they will work? How do they train their teams to execute the plans as designed? Security professionals are fortunate to have a unique opportunity to influence behavior and improve performance through one of the most important tools in their professional toolkit – a drill.

Drills are a mainstay in the field of emergency management and continuity planning. Although many companies hold drills, and the organizers may be subject matter experts, they do not excel in the discipline of designing and conducting the actual drill. This means they simply don’t get the best results out of their efforts.

This fast-paced presentation starts with a silly little question: “Why are we doing this?” What looks like a simple query is actually one of the keys to getting the most out of every drill’s design. This presentation peels back the design process with the goal of creating the best experience possible.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The secret of the "silly little question;"

  • What makes a great drill;

  • How to decide who should be "playing" in the drill and who should be designing it;

  • And, communication and messaging best practices.

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