Webinar Replay: Crisis Management for Global Security Operation Centers Technology and Human Factors

GSOCs need to be prepared to rapidly respond and handle a wide range of potential crisis situations and in some instances several crises simultaneously. Operating under extreme pressure can stress an organization and GSOC personnel and technologies, sometimes pushing them to their limits. In an environment where failure is not an option, leaders and decision-makers must fully understand the capabilities and limitations of their systems and their people. Errors or ineffective responses can result in costly, even tragic outcomes.

Download the free webinar replay, Crisis Management for GSOCs: Technology and Human Factors to explore the challenges, as well as potential strategies and techniques for mitigating and managing the pressure-filled environment of a GSOC operating in crisis response.

Our expert speakers discuss a few topics including:

  • Understanding human behavior in crisis conditions
  • Recognizing and preventing task saturation
  • Adjusting the operational tempo to maximize effectiveness
  • Proactive approaches to reducing person-role conflict and other sources of stress
  • Strategies for training, exercising and maintaining GSOC personnel and operations
  • Proactive approaches to operational stress control to ensure success in crisis response.

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