Webinar Replay: How Loma Linda University Hospital Keeps its Community Safe and Informed

The population at a university, corporate compound or hospital fluctuates daily. Whether there is a sporting event, community gathering or surge of patients and patient visitors, each organization maintains responsibility for the safety and well-being of its community members.

Given these dynamic populations, how can large-campus officials communicate with community members in real-time and keep them informed, especially when a critical incident occurs? How can large-campus officials keep community members safe?

Watch as Ehren Ngo, Emergency Operations Manager at Loma Linda University Hospital, describes how his university hospital communicates with open-campus patrons and neighboring businesses using Everbridge’s Community Engagement product.

In the webinar, Ehren covers

  • Communication challenges that come with an open campus
  • Compliance mandates that effect communication techniques
  • How Community Engagement meets LLUH's communication needs
  • Community Engagement implementation planning and process
  • Community member opt-in results 

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