Webinar Replay: IT Alerting Tips and Tricks

ServiceNow Integration

A major IT issue arises, a ticket is created within ServiceNow…. Now What? If it takes your organization more than 5 minutes on average to engage the right IT staff based on incident severity, group, location, or who’s on-call then this complimentary webinar is for you!

What’s in it for you?

You work in IT Operations, learn how:

  • Targeted notifications with automatic escalation eliminates alert fatigue and increases people accountability.
  • On-call schedule management helps only contact the right staff based on who’s on-call.
  • 1-click access to conference bridge from SMS or voice calls makes the whole investigation and incident resolution process more efficient.
You are with the Service Desk or the MIM team, learn how you can:
  • ServiceNow + Everbridge can contact the right on-call IT experts when a major incident occurs.
  • Track who respond to the targeted notifications, who and when they join the conference bridge.
  • Simultaneously you can keep informed your senior management, stakeholders or key customers
  • Proactively notify the impacted customers so that you limit the spike of inbound call volumes into the Service Desk
You are a CIO, a VP or director of IT, learn how:
  • Your organization can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per major incident with automated communication workflows.
And much more!

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