Critical Event Management on the Corporate Campus Strategies for Improving Safety and Security

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Date/Time: Originally presented by Security Management 
Steven Crimando, MA, CTS, CHA-V

Law enforcement and emergency management authorities repeatedly warn that no community, rural, urban or suburban, is immune from threat of violence. Modern corporate campuses are communities, often small town or cities unto themselves, and face the many of the same challenges in the prevention and response to the entire scope of active assailant threats—an evolving term intended to encompass the possibility of attacks involving not only firearms, but vehicles, knives and other forms of violence. Whether committed by a current or former employee, or an extremist propelled by a destructive ideology, large open corporate campuses can be attractive targets, presenting a number of unique safety and security challenges.

For leaders and decision-makers to best prepare the corporate campus for the current threat landscape, it is essential to blend security practices and technologies based on accurate assumptions about behavior and communications under crisis conditions in these complex environments. This webinar addressed:

  • Applying a “Red Team” mindset to identifying corporate campus vulnerabilities
  • Integrating building-specific and campus-wide approaches to security
  • Training, testing and evaluating corporate campus crisis response capabilities
  • Optimizing employee engagement around low probability-high consequence threats
  • Incident response options for employees indoors, outdoors and on the move
  • Leveraging bystander intervention and interoperability with local response entities
  • Message differentiation across large, multi-use environments
  • Technologies to leverage

Strategies for securing a city and securing the corporate campus are not far afield. Lessons learned in recent mass shootings, vehicular attacks, and attempted suicide bombing should inform those charged with corporate campus security, as well as municipal government leaders. Today’s threats recognize no boundaries. Learn more about the challenges and strategies for mitigating risks in the corporate campus environment on this webinar.