Speakers: - Scott Benoit, Director, Product Management and Todd Harmeson, Deputy Director & PIO, Madison County Emergency Management & Office of Homeland Security

The first few minutes of an active shooter incident are critical. Because of this, having a well thought out preparedness plan can decrease response time, potentially reducing the threat, while saving lives. However, agencies and schools need experience with live training in order to ensure swift and near error-free response.

Download the replay of the webinar, Running an Effective Active Shooter Drill with Everbridge Nixle to learn how the Madison County Emergency Management and Office of Homeland Security partnered up with a local university to prepare for an active shooter incident. During this webinar, our speaker Todd Harmeson discusses the following:

  • How to develop an active shooter drill
  • How to initiate and run an active shooter drill
  • Who needs to be aware of and participate in an active shooter drill
  • What information needs to be communicated to drill participants and citizens
  • Best Practices for utilizing your notification solution

Todd also gives an overview of additional use cases, how they manage internal communications, and how they integrate their social media accounts with their Everbridge Nixle notification system.

Download the webinar:

Webinar Replay:
Running an Effective Active Shooter Training Drill With Everbridge Nixle