Everbridge Excellence Series

Managing and Maintaining Contact Data

When was the last time you uploaded - or reviewed the success uploading - a Contact file? Do you know the differences between the Contact upload types in order to maintain data, or run a full refresh against a specific Record Type? Have you received feedback that your recipients aren’t receiving your alerts, only to find that the person was not in your Contact list or had no Delivery Method?

Please join us for an interactive customer-only webinar with the Everbridge Customer Success team, who will take you through Everbridge’s Data Management features, covering: 

  • Data management options via the Everbridge platform or CSV upload
  • Reviewing and resolving Contact upload errors
  • Identifying Contacts with limited or no Delivery Methods
  • Maintaining Groups with Update type uploads
  • Refreshing all Contacts for a Record Type with Replace type uploads

This session will not be focused on the details of building a Contact upload file, but will briefly touch on the basics before delving into how to review the upload and ensure you have the latest and greatest Contact data. For a session focused exclusively on the Contact upload file, the session “Contact Data: Mastering the Upload Process” is available for your viewing pleasure at any time in Everbridge University.

Customer Webinar
Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 2:00 PM ET
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