The International Standards Organization (ISO) is developing the first-ever global business continuity standard, known as ISO 22301. The standard will be published in Q2 of 2012, but what should you do right now to get your organization ready? What does this mean for your organization's international and US-based business operations? Could certification be a competitive advantage?

ISO 22301 will require the adoption of current best practices, including:

  • Identifying business activities that must be resumed following a disruptive incident, through the process known as business impact analysis;
  • Identifying the risks that the organization faces that may lead to a disruptive incident;
  • defining the business continuity strategy;
  • Implementing the business continuity solutions, including defining and incident response structure, warning and communication and writing appropriate business continuity plans.

ISO 22301 certification offers objective assurance to management, customers, regulators, suppliers, partners and other interested parties that your organization has implemented good practice business continuity - and will emerge as a requirement of doing business in many countries. Want to learn more?

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