Nicole Vazquez & Nigel Heaton

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Thursday, September 6, 2018 | 15:30 PM BST| 10.30 AM ET

Whether you have office-based staff, mobile or travelling employees, contractors or lone workers you have a duty of care towards all your employees. Recent events have taught us that major incidents can occur anywhere at any time - in crowded places, overseas and outside of working hours. Just how far do organisations have to go to ensure the safety of their employees?

Join our webinar to learn;

  • Exactly what is meant by the term Duty of Care especially in terms of the safety and security of Lone and Remote Workers? We will explore who is responsible and what happens if things go wrong. 
  • What are the risks that we should be aware of? We will discuss how lone working can impact on both the perception of risk and the actual level of risk.
  • What steps should we take to ensure our colleagues are safe and that we are fulfilling our duty of care? You will take away some practical tips and ideas to help improve your risk management for the safety and security of your colleagues when they are remote working. 
About the speaker

Nicole Vazquez is the founder of Worthwhile Training and has over 20 years’ experience providing practical advice to manage the risks associated with employee’s safety, security and wellbeing. She has written many training resources and manuals including 'Managing Personal Safety at Work: a Guide’ and 'SWeRVe 2', a nationwide training strategy on managing violence and aggression in the workplace for the UK rail sector. 

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