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Improving Care Team Communications

Speaker: Trisha Swift, DNP, MSN, RN, CPPS 

Dr. Trisha Swift, DNP, RN, CPPS spoke to the role of free flowing information and how communication tools can help hospitals make the transition into becoming a high reliability organization (HRO). Applying a value-based care model by efficiently connecting all members of a patient’s care team through streamlined communication practices was highlighted through real-life clinical scenarios. This type of communication and clinical collaboration offers hospitals the ability to create a care delivery environment that makes the following benefits more likely to occur:

  • Increased productivity and workflow efficiency
  • Improved patient outcomes and experience
  • Highly reliable practices and safe operations
  • Reduced costs through waste elimination
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Biography Trisha Swift, DNP, MSN, RN, CPPS

Dr. Trisha Swift is a Partner at MeritLinkx Healthcare Consulting where she advises healthcare leaders and executives on topics such as the operational impact of technology, patient safety, and performance improvement. She is a Doctor of Nursing Practice who brings more than 16 years of experience in adult and pediatric health care operations. Trisha has held executive leadership roles in areas that directly drive hospital reimbursement and performance such as: quality and safety, patient experience, healthcare informatics, data analytics, and clinical decision support.

Trisha brings deep expertise in human factors engineering, performance improvement methodologies, high reliability, and evidence based practice. Her passion is in “closing the gaps” between the clinical and technical worlds related to integration and optimization of technology in healthcare. Swift’s doctoral dissertation was in population health management and focused on improving acute to post-acute transitions of care through the use of technology and team-based care models. Trisha enjoys contributing to the healthcare industry's transition from volume to value based care through helping her clients transform into becoming a high reliability organization.