Learn how your department can be better prepared for severe weather events

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All emergency management and public safety agencies have response plans for severe weather event incidents, but what happens when Mother Nature goes into overdrive? Would your agency be prepared to handle multiple critical incidents at once? Recently, this was the case as Hawaii was forced to simultaneously address both a volcanic eruption from Mt Kīlauea, as well as Tropical Storm Olivia.

We were joined by PIO Alan Richmond of the Hawaii PD as he walked through how his department was able to use critical communications to minimize the impact of the coincidental severe weather events. Officer Richmond covered:

  • Hawaii’s preparedness planning
  • Impact of the two major incidents
  • Response activities
  • Lessons learned
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Alan Richmond currently serves as the Media and Public Relations Liaison for the Hawaii Police Department. Alan has an extensive background in the media industry, having spent thirty years in Television and Radio Broadcasting as an award winning writer, producer, director, top rated on-air radio personality, television news anchorman, talk show host and community relations director for broadcast media at several NBC and CBS affiliate stations. 

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